AC Infinity CLOUDRAY S6, Grow Tent Clip Fan 6” with 10-Speeds, EC-Motor, Weatherproof IP-44

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AC Infinity Grow Tent Clip Fan - Price $49.99 for the 6" Oscillating Grow Fan
When it comes to being a successful Hydroponic Gardener keep in mind that you want to have the best tools you can afford. One of those tools should be a grow tent fan that can help keep your plants cool and helps with air quality. That is where the AC Infinity Cloudray S6 comes into play. Engineered to produce a gentle yet powerful breeze it will help with fighting plant diseases. With 10 speeds you will be able to dial in just the right amount of breeze for your particular needs.
  • Hydroponic Garden Fan helps strengthen plants by providing a gentle breeze that simulates wind blowing and therefore stimulating the plant to strengthen.
  • Designed with an EC motor to provide precise air circulation for all stages of a plant’s growth.
  • Automatic oscillation with digital 10 speeds, producing gentle breezes and powerful airflow.
  • IP-44 rated specifically for the growing environment to be resistant to high humidity and heat.
  • Connects with smart controllers to access climate triggers, grow cycles, scheduling, and more.
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